domingo, 5 de janeiro de 2014

Sistema de Arrefecimento e Filtragem de Gases-SAFG
What is your product or service ?

It is a catalyst for neutralization , which works at reduced temperatures , thus enabling the retention of particulate pollutants . The operation of the gas cooling and filtering system is carried out so that : the coolant circulates through the heat exchanger , through the ducts of cold and hot liquid . The passage of the liquid in contact with the coils inside which contain gases from burning fuel and engine or production process , will result in a decrease of the gas temperature from the combustion of fuel. Given the decrease in the temperature of these gases , when direcionarem for silencer containing filter elements , the gases become less volatile in a state close to condensation, allowing then that pollutant particles are retained by the gas filter composed of one or several elements inside the silencer or chimney.
Technological Invention Challenge registered here in Brazil , has shown a great evolution in the prototype testing , we continue increasing the percentage of filtering gases and soot . An important technical detail is that the entire system can be manufactured in thermoplastic polymers , as will be possible to reduce weight, size and eliminate corrosion presented in carbon steel, thus increasing equipment life . Another detail is that manufacturing costs fell further , and recycling system will be 100 % at the time of disposal .